Sunday, April 5, 2015

Moving Onward

Something recently occurred with my computer which lead me to shutting down this blog for a short time. After this mishap occurred I was left feeling super discouraged and confused. I thought what I was doing was in God's will, so why were things happening to potentially stop me from doing this blog?

 I started to question myself, maybe I heard Him wrong. Was it just me wanting to write for me??? Then I realized that many times when we are in Gods will or in any way want to bring God glory, the enemy will try to stop that from happening. I will admit that my flesh also gets in the way at times. I do feel that God puts people in our lives for a reason at just the right moment, and after reading my post a friend spoke to me and was extremely encouraging which inspired me to move forward with writing, so here I am and THANK YOU friend!!!

Here are some things that I realized through this. Anything that glorifies God can't be a bad thing. I am a fighter and want to be a fighter for God. Regardless of what occurs, embarrassment, harassment, mocking, whatever else, it is not going to get in my way of glorifying my Lord (easier said than done eh). I want to show people what he did, is doing, and will do in my life. If you feel lead to do so, please be a follower of this blog so we can share our struggles, stories, and praises together. I want to know what He is doing in your lives too!! Let's share this journey of infinite transformation together.



  1. So glad you're being faithful to the Lord's leading. :) I tried to comment on the last post several times but it wouldn't work.