Monday, April 6, 2015

Good Intentions Gone Wrong

I have such good intentions when I wake up in the morning and what the day is going to look like (at least the first few hours) and then something happens and I lose my s***. I must admit that I have a potty mouth and I've been praying for God to to relieve me of this, but He hasn't. I think He's been trying to teach me some lessons on self control, which I'm failing miserably. How am I supposed to teach my children about appropriate language and self control when I don't model it? Do what I say not what I do (I hate that saying).

I am so thankful that God is gracious and forgiving because no matter what I do or say He loves me, unconditionally which is pretty amazing, After having my "episodes" He sees my repentant heart and opens His arms to me.

It's so easy to beat yourself up about these things (I can be the Queen at this), but then I remind myself what Romans 8:1 says which is that there is condemnation for those in Christ, for the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set us free from the law of sin and death. Whew!!!!!! That doesn't mean that I should just accept my behaviors, because I need to acknowledge that they are not okay, BUT I need to remember that I'm in the sanctification process and that's a life long process.

So, to all you mama's who might be struggling (and lets face it, we all are in different ways) you are not alone! There are other mama's who know your struggles and pains but most importantly God knows these things and He is just waiting for us to look up and crawl into those loving arms of His.


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