Sunday, May 31, 2015

Praise God

The last month has been an interesting one as my baby boy had a bit of a scare health wise. We recently had a follow up appointment and the doctors prognosis was a good one...thank you Jesus!!

When difficulties or "what if" situations occur in my life I tend to stress and worry, that is my natural state. This time was different. I don't know if it was God protecting me from feeling these emotions or if it was me fully trusting the Lord. Something that I do know is that I have no control over these types of things. He is in control and I need to cling to Him during these times. We have had lots of people praying for our boy and are truly blessed to have all of these amazing people in our lives. It's amazing how these situations can change your perspective on things. I love my baby, but when a situation like this occurs it seems like the love is tenfold, if that is even possible.

This journey is not over yet, but with God, I know that whatever happens, we are going to fine.

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